Razno - Zivot u Australiji

According to Australian Government statistic, every day 3 men are forced to suicide (murdered) by the Child Support Agency or Family Court orders. Children denied their father's protection are 7-10 times more likely to be physically and/or sexually abused. Since the anti-Family Court was established, an equivalent number of fathers have been driven to suicide as a result of being denied their children as Australian soldiers killed in the Second World War (26,000).

According to Australian Federal Police source published on Internet, only 5% of abuse claims of women are real and the rest is made on advice from lawyers or women's groups to achieve better position on Family Court. Police act in 100% cases, without checking the facts usually by arresting the man. Next morning DPP prosecutor (without seeking any evidence) make him "The Criminal", divorce him by issuing DVO, take his children by the same interim DVO, take all his properties forcing him to suicide.

- hvala Mrtvi Djoka