DJ Rimac Style - Wat - ch

Livin' my life one breath at a time,
but still they be lookin at me like my existance is a fucking crime.
I hide away, just so i can get away
from people and their comments, their fucking nonsence
their perfect romance, but me see i dont want u to love me,
so dont expect love of me, u can call me heartless or cold
or whatever u've been told that i am,
but u have no idea, that i have the intelegence of whole korea
the power of my brain, would drive a saine person insaine,
like their on cocaine mixed with some champagne unable to feel pain,
your all so vain!u think i got problems? damn straight i do,
and right now my problem is you, a solution is a simple pill,
later your feeling all ill, i'll be like "yo man what the fuck is wrong
someone call an ambulance and help this boy!"
I'll even call your mom and give my respect, that way i wont be a
suspect, two days later im fucking his sister what the fuck did u
expect. Cold blooded name any drug i can say i had it,
life gave me a fucked up path, now u do the math.

Wat - ch your step, dont get in my way,
Wat - ch your mouth, pay attention to what u say,
Croatian playa is on the road, beep beep there
goes your health code, alarm oh shit another one killed
honestly i didnt mean no harm

My eyes are a lazer, my hands are a razor,
Whatever i tuch bleeds, whatever i see no one else
see's, got this voice that's lately been talking to me,
doesnt argue but agrees with me.
What do u see thourgh your windows?
i see rain through mine and 8 demons oh no wait nine,
is that some kind of a sign? Mabye im crazy, and your normal
mabye im normal and your crazy i can go on but im too lazy.
My life doesnt have a frame, my point doesnt have an aim,
Suffering is just a game, "it'll get better" is it's name.
we'r all going to die, then u'll be in a happy place
oh what a fucking lie. I used to do drugs i used to hang
with thugs all sort of bitches would give me hug's
but no not anymore u can say i changed i reached a point
that i ranged, did all this for my son i've had my fun
now its time to pass the gun to the next generation,
advise my son to get a good education, i'll be in the
first row at his graduation wont be like my dad i wont
be a hesitation.

- hvala kvinEks