DJ Rimac Style - Listen up!

Born in sin, in white skin , born poor in the middle of a war
Running for my life, running from the knife, fighting to get
some food praying to get rescued , seeing my frineds die
as the U.S airplane fly's by. Can't hold the tear's, cant stop
the years, got to put on a show pretend that i'm strong but
for how long, God what did i do wrong to be in the middle
of this mess to have all this stress dont i deserve sucess
i guess not, i gotta pay the price for my president not
wanting to take advice not wanting to play nice is this
what the fuck they call paradise, Watching my friends shot
one another, watching them cry over their dead mother with
hate in their eyes and the uncoverd truth about what happened
to their youth. It's not their foult they were born and that
their life was torn. I finally understand why we were born
crying it's because soon we all knew we were gonna be dieing
one way or another, never though that i would see a brother
shot a brother beacuse of the religion of their father. I've
seen a lot seen my first cusin get shot because he spoke
his mind Couse he did'nt pretend to be blind, he didnt want
to leave everything behind. This song is decitaded to all of
you who think life is rought beacuse of your littl shitty stuff
You never know how tough you are until you see the scar
right on your soul,until you have no control, so shut the
fuck up and stop complaining about your crap, try living
from scap and have someone snap everytime u make a sound
letting them know that your alive and knowing you have
blown your cover to survive.

- hvala Ceca Mirkovic