Debeli precjednik / Fat prezident - Hits & misses

"why the fuck are you drunk again?
Watching football with your friends?
Is TV more important than me?
I'm tired of your shit!"

"leave me alone.
go to your phone,
call all your friends and talk shit"

without you!
I don't need you
Without you!
I know i'll be just fine
Withot you!
I'll be happier without you
Without you!
I'll be happy all the time

"you don't listen to what i say!
you don't notice that i exist!
Well, next time you'd like to do it – just find your fist! "

"i know what you do
when i'm not with you
with other guys...
surprise, surprise! "

but, without you
i don't know if i could get through,
and i'm sorry that we fight all the time
because when you leave, it's all so sad
like suzanne vega songs,
but it's real
you're the one i can't do without

- hvala Marina