Debeli precjednik / Fat prezident - My own thing

you know the truth and you're placing demands
how to sound? what to eat? what to wear?
which places to go?
you're the one to know
what is cool, where should all the punks go
you're preaching today what punks should obey
but tomorrow you'll be so ashamed that you were a punk
but now you are the one acting drunk
and if one is not with you than he must be a fool
because nobody is more punk than you!

i won't act the way told me
even if it costs me the names you'll call me
i've got nothing to prove to you
because you are nothing but a fool
according to you, you always know so much
and everything you touch turns into gold
you're in control
truth is you are nothing in the real world

you are walking around playing "godfather punk"
you think you're someone but you're just a scum
and i'm doing my thing you won't change me
i won't compromise, not a bit
i know why i'm here
because this music is true so fuck you

- hvala daria