Orthodox Celts - Far Away

It's been hours since midnight but I don't care too much
The waterpump is pulsing spittin' out the mud
The roaring cats are tearing last bunch of flash and bones
And I just stare at nowhere loosing time and kicking stones

Then in rotten lousy caffee the old man starts to talk
Agonizing heavily, pretends that he can walk
Through the smoke of dusty morning i'm listenin' raven's yell
Mailin' from my memory those words I learned so well

Far away, far away,
You're so far away from me but I'll be back one day

Sometime ago we sailed away accross the big blue sea
We thought that new world's braver, that better we will be
The sun is always brighter on the other side
But heart and soul, I left at home, committed suicide

I remember when we parted the signs on sky were mean
Mars and moon collided, thus sad I've never been
I promised I'll be writing and for you I will pray
The words were floatin' in my head, for the first time I did say

And now it is much easier, my mind has gone somewhere
I don't have to think about how this life is no fair
While the breezy wind is blowin' I'm burnin' like a spark
I'm the last one who waits to see the rainbow in the dark

Tonight I will be drunk to hell as every other day
And I'll go home imaginin' my unknown hidden way
In the deepest heart of nowhere swallowin' potato pies
I'm waitin' to be cracked at last so sick and tired of lies

- hvala jova