Josipa Lisac - Gimme some lovin'

Gimme lovin', gimme some lovin'

Well, my temperature's rising
and my feet left the floor
crazy people rockin'
'cause they're wanting some more

Let me in, baby
I don't know what you've got
but you'd better take it easy
this place is hot

Well, my head's exploding
and I'm floating to sound
too much is happening
'cause you're around

It's been a hard day
and nothing went too good
I'm gonna relax
like everybody should

And I'm so glad we made it
so glad we made it
I want you gimme some a lovin'
gimme some a lovin' everyday

Well, I feel so good
everything is getting hot
you'd better take some time off
'cause the place is on fire

Better start, baby
'cause I have so much to do
we made it, baby
and it happened to you

- hvala Marko