Overflow - Sun is wearing suit of badges

In the quiet night he was walking home
But there was something in the air
Something so very wrong
Eagles eyes in night, he was not afraid
But he could sense that someone preparing a game
Little step by step with incoming dawn
In the mirror he could see someone who wish he's gone
Then he turns around, gun is in the hand
One who messes with the Sun he's soon turned into sand

Every minute every second closer in the frame
He is wearing suit of badges never knew the shame

He never thinks about the words he says
Just like he never thinks about anything else
Then what's the point me saying this
Because when I met him I'll be honored with the fist

If i could make a choice to turn him into beast
Please able me to do it and I will make a list
He's not concerned with the problems of the youth
He's there to beat in you
The entire truth

- hvala Pinto

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