Eyesburn - In War With The System

Say what? Remove ya!!!
Listen up kid!

Said I'm in war with system lady
You see the system don't like me
And don't go where you goin, no way
You see those people don't like we
Cause I'm in war

I never buy what you buyin' h y there
You see those things are not for me
And I don't deal what dealin, no way
This movie you ain't gonna see

Baby tell me what you want of life
Who you great & good treat hey gyaal!
Who you trust, praise & love babylon
What is happening 'pon the earth overstand!

Cause it's bare paranoia and insanity
No more love and no more need for solidarity
And people can't what's real
And what's illusion
In disya world of advertising and confusion
For dem I don't have any answers or conclusion

See dem walk with I
Talk & see truth sight
Meanwhile all dem try
Fi slow I&I, Fi make I cry!

(Except that)
Mind must be a warrior
Cause mental is our war mind must be a warrior!

- hvala Avram