Lepota - Rhubarb root and chamomile lightening treatment

Powdered rhubarb root makes another effective base for a chamomile lightening treatment. The root itself also has lightening qualities.

2 tbsp dried chamomile flowers
2 tbsp dried, powedered rhubarb root
1 1/4 cups/275 ml boiling water

Grind the chamomile flowers to a powder in a coffee grinder.
Place them in a bowl with the rhubarb root.
Mix to a paste with the boiling water. Leave to cool slightly.
Section your dry hair, then cover each section with the hot paste.
Wrap your hair in kitchen wrap and leave for between 30 minutes and one hour.
Rinse the paste out with warm water, then use a chamomile shampoo and rinse.

- hvala e-s