Kanda, Kodza I Nebojsa - Štastopojo

On me gledi ... oke sjaje

Šta s’ to poj’o?

A ja pušim pa pušim pa pušim pa pušim pa pušim...

Šta s’ to poj’o?


Progut’o i zgut’o
LSD zgut’o
Šta s’ to poj’o?

Man, me tryin’ hard to live clean in Babylon
Always keep in touch with nature
Nature protect I and I eternally
Me never want to mess with chemicals, alright?
See? See?
Where’s the mind?
Attention till time
Me cannot stop the violence
Them politicians and the police mean nothin’ to I
Them greater, and not care for no nature human rights
So now you know, just stay away from them brother
Just keep feelin’ irie
Irie till time

- hvala Lazar