Eyesburn - Silence of the twilight

autmn smells like seasoned leaves i captured my self in the middle of the memories. silence of the twilight aftersummer ravens had always broke and crush it like a hammer. cold wind of past like bad joke sounds i hear my future laughing in the clouds, understand your life always how it’s like, sometimes he’s gray with pain on the strike! i’m siting on the bench by the wasted road in hazed distance red sun has falled, tread by the time my steps ade diffused, in silence of the twilight my wishes are confused, who’s gonna tekk me that i was abused, who’s gonna tell me that i wasn’t choosed. when trouble come be what you are, no one is around they are so far. my friend here is a little gift to you si many troubles we’ve been through side by side always ready for new.

- hvala marija