Eyesburn - Foolin' I&I

through all this time u know i'm telling the truth
no need to lie we better step to the truth
see i've been thinkin' need to know what's the truth
i wanna truth, strictly the truth
just take a look upon
mother nature's judgment must be done
just take a look at sun
armagedion tommorow come
i never troubled nobody
never kill, never will, try not to fool nobody, it's against my will
think i'm a righteous man
coming with a righteous plan
foolin` I n' I

the ground is shakin,
but we ain't gonna miss
power to the people brutalised by police
see, no more war, no more go underground,
we're thinking straight, while your drug is around
see i'm a righteous one
and i'm coming with a righteous plan
see i'm a righteous men
and i'm dealing with a righteous plan

i've never torubled nobody.....
foolin I n' I

my loneley nation, it's admiration
people never go lazy
spirit liberation, it's admiration
to be reborn mentaly!

see I'm a righteous one....

- hvala monstrum