Debeli precjednik / Fat prezident - Lajavo pseto

What the fuck!?
I’m drawing a fucking blank here.
Are we supposed to live in fear?
Do we trust the murderers for fucking four more years of slavery?
Have we fallen for their promises?
Have we fallen for people with guns in their hands, beating their chests?
A fucking four more years of slavery… I never thought we’d be so dumb.
Fuck! I thought we cared a little bit more.
I thought we’re ready to recognize a four more years of mockery.
I never thought we’d be so dumb. Wait a second!
Stop and think again… just for a second.

People rarely learn from their mistakes.
I guess that the poor quality of life and the animal will to survive in times like these and place like here, forces them to trust the crooks, liars and thieves. Unfortunately, it happened again and the power was given into the hands of self-centered fascists.
The elected gets richer and the common folk are being poked in the ribs with police clubs.
If it was not that dead serious, it’d be completely absurd, hence we added the Monty Python’s “Election Night Special” sample.

- hvala Koškan