Debeli precjednik / Fat prezident - EMHB

Have you seen confusion so abstractive
just like morning after the sun
the night right after the dawn
that's how i feel
and for a minute i was laughing
the i understood it's goodbye
and there was tear inside my eye
as you passed by
then for a minute i was crying
and the i looken into the awesome sky
and the snow fell on my lip
you said goodbye
she belongs to me, i feel it, but
that's not just how it is
i.d. is what i don't have now
when you're not here
the day when world goes on
don't look like this at all
so i wake through days
not feelin' anything
and it was snowing all night long
and the first time ever i'm not happy to
see snow
so i walk into the snow for no good reasons
and i stood there really long
and put it all in this sad, sad song.

- hvala nina