Dzem i Sve - Silencio (Silence)

I*m runnin* with wind and I*m runnin* alone
looking for the thruth down by the road
my mother is the nature and she said:
* son you must find your faith*

One more night and I*m hungry like an Africa
I*m thinkin* on my brother died in war
ooh mom please take my hand
I can*t stand this any more

I here the silence x3 Silence after all

My old shose the only gift I ever had
just like my dad little rough but not so bad
can*t take my to the promise land
can*t find a friend to shake my hand

I*m everykind from everywhere
and now I*m thinkin* of nothing
cause there*s no faith there*s no god
and I*ll never gonna come out from this mud, I think

I here the silence x3 Silence after all

Now the time is chaising me and I think
that life is coincidese and suffering at all
now I hate money and he hates me
but can not survive without him in this hole

Look at little girl crying in the street
waitin for her mother and never stops to wait
I said take my hand and love me like your mother