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lana (24 Jun 2006 u 15:17   ID: 2AA-679)
predivni tekstovi...
to sam samo ja :) (31 Jul 2006 u 8:31   ID: 713-7F1)
zakon su!!
Ivana (17 Nov 2006 u 11:52   ID: A52-073)
Dečki su stvarno nadahnuti i to se vidi.
kapa (5 Mar 2007 u 17:01   ID: A85-9AC)
dobri su dali ima negde da se skinu njihove pesme?
Snezana (19 Mar 2007 u 9:05   ID: C8D-2BC)

uzivaj ;-)
Dunja (14 Aug 2007 u 14:57   ID: 76D-747)
divni su. i oni i pjesme.
*_* (25 Apr 2009 u 18:22   ID: 57A-B02)
jota (29 Jun 2009 u 5:52   ID: 3C6-415)
Playday (22 Nov 2009 u 11:53   ID: D30-7BA)
Could anyone tell me the nice features on the iphone, does the iphone break easily or stuff up alot or any useful information about it being breaking fast? So basically tell me all you know about the positive and negative things about the iphone. = ] thank you

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Playday (26 Nov 2009 u 19:22   ID: 4BC-E4A)
Well i want to start reviewing iphone cases but i don't really want to spend all that money on a bunch of cases. I have heard of people getting them for free from some companies...Any suggestions?

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Playday (1 Dec 2009 u 19:20   ID: 4BC-E4A)
How long does the iPhone battery last before replacement? Like charge cycle wise, not time. Like I heard it was 300 charges then you need to send in for replacement? If it is 300, is it 300 FULL charges? As in your iPhone dies, and won't turn on because it has no battery? Or regardless any charges to the dock it counts?

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Playday (2 Dec 2009 u 5:22   ID: D30-7BA)
I'm bring my power adapter back because of the recall and I need to bring my iphone too. Would they find out that its unlocked? What would they do if it was unlocked?

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Playday (2 Dec 2009 u 9:30   ID: 4BC-E4A)
My iPhone 3G has a defect (there's a strip of unresponsive touch screen) and I want to have it replaced. I bought it only last week. I tried going to the Apple Support site and filling out my serial number and all, but it only allows me to select my accessories in the "What to replace" drilldown lists! How do I have the phone replaced? Going to an Apple Store isn't an option.

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Playday (3 Dec 2009 u 5:27   ID: D30-7BA)
I have my iPhone synced to my Yahoo contacts. When I add or change an address in Yahoo on my computer, my iPhone gets updated, but when I add a contact on my iPhone, my Yahoo address book online doesn't get updated. Is there a way to allow changes on my iPhone to affect my Yahoo address book?

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Playday (3 Dec 2009 u 23:28   ID: D30-7BA)
When I plug in my iphone i get the page about registering my iphone but then it cuts off, the only button there is the 'Register Later' button. I tried making the screen bigger but it dosen't work. I tried restarting my computer and I even re-installed itunes. Nothing is working. Can anyone help?

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Playday (4 Dec 2009 u 8:14   ID: D30-7BA)
I just recently got myself an iPhone and I'm starting to go ahead and download apps and everything but I am yet to find something really amazing and such. What are some awesome "must have" applications that any of you own? I don't mind paying a couple of dollars for them, as long as they're not ridiculously expensive. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Playday (4 Dec 2009 u 16:19   ID: D30-7BA)
I am planning on buying the iPhone 3G once I'm able to upgrade my phone, and I may go on youtube and the internet once I get the phone. But I'm unsure of how much it would cost to go on the internet/youtube. So how much would it cost?

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Playday (5 Dec 2009 u 2:35   ID: 4BC-E4A)
I'm currently on the T-mobile network and my contract doesn't expire until later this year but now that T-mobile has 3G, will the iphone work with T-mobile? I'm planning on getting an iphone but I would like to stay with T-mobile.

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Playday (6 Dec 2009 u 23:39   ID: 4BC-E4A)
Do I need to itemize each and every Forex transaction? There are hundreds of them. Or since I had a loss, can I just not list all the positive transactions and then also not list the same amount of negative transactions (leaving only the actual loss) ?

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Playday (7 Dec 2009 u 9:53   ID: 4BC-E4A)
I found several search results about a product called FAP Turbo. Did anybody out there really make money out of it without losses guaranteed? Are the Forex brokers cooperative enough to allow us to redeem our funds?

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Playday (8 Dec 2009 u 16:04   ID: 4BC-E4A)
I see that CitiFX requires only a $10k deposit. How long has Citi been brokering forex on the consumer level like this?

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Playday (9 Dec 2009 u 23:30   ID: 4BC-E4A)
I have the first generation of iphone and i can barely hear the ringtone when people call me!

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Playday (3 Jan 2010 u 20:53   ID: 4BC-E4A)
I heard that a new robot has just been released . There are quite many robots on the market. What is a Forex robot anyway? Which one is working? I have heard many good things about Forex auto pilot turbo. I would like to know which one is the most reliable. Thank you.
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Playday (3 Jan 2010 u 21:48   ID: D30-7BA)
Hi iam in search of a programmer to write for me programme for trading forex thanks frank
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Playday (3 Jan 2010 u 22:20   ID: 4BC-E4A)
How to get more pips in forex trading? How about using autotrading such as Expert Advisor (EA)? Have anyone can share profitable EA for free?
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Playday (4 Jan 2010 u 3:20   ID: 4BC-E4A)
Is every trade always profitable as promised. Also what is the best trader for cheap?
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Playday (4 Jan 2010 u 11:18   ID: 4BC-E4A)
I want to get a book on Forex but I am not a beginner. I would like to learn better strategies.
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Playday (4 Jan 2010 u 12:58   ID: D30-7BA)
Hi All: I have been contacted by an account manager of forex trading company iForex and I was suggested that if would join their team I can earn around $1000 per month. Can someone please guide how these sites are reliable and what about the FOREX trading business and how this compnay (iFOREX) is also relaible if anybody knows it personaly or earning anything from it.
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daverentu938 (26 Jan 2010 u 20:21   ID: D1A-BF1)
It’s again the clash of the titans as Apple Inc. issued an announcement on December 11, 2009 countersuing Nokia Corp. for purportedly infringing 13 of Apple's patents.
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